We love commemorating the work we have done by capturing it in photos and videos. Here are some of our favorite moments.

Queen rearing in Batesville, Virginia. In each of the structures called queen cells, a new queen is maturing.

A camera shy queen escapes through a hole in the comb.

Our work supports all kinds of pollinators, not only honey bees. In this photo, two pollinators visit a sedum plant.

Since 2017, Brooke has been managing the apiary at Sweet Briar College and educating students in beekeeping classes. On the left, students work together on their first hive. On the right, Brooke works with Professor Fink to assess the health of a colony.

Honey is one of the most rewarding parts of beekeeping. On the right, Brooke pulls out a frame of pure capped honey. On the right, bees attend to uncapped nectar in the cells. When the nectar has been dried enough, the workers will cap it and the honey will be ready for human consumption.