About Us

Trophic works with private property owners and institutions around Virginia to enact sustainable practices in property management. We focus on beekeeping and revitalizing natural landscapes in a way that works in concert with our modern lives. Members of our organization are continuous learners that are dedicated to making positive ecological change in our region.

Our team

Brian Morse

Brian Morse is a Certified Wildlife Biologist. He received a Bachelor’s degree in Fisheries and Wildlife Science from North Carolina State University and a Master’s degree from the University of Georgia Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources with a concentration in wildlife management and ecology. Brian’s broad interests have allowed him to work throughout the southeastern United States from coastal swamps and Piedmont prairies to mountain forests with a wide range of both game and non-game species. Brian is a Certified Prescribed Burn Manager in Virginia and is active with the Virginia Quail Council. He lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western Albemarle County with his wife and son.

Brooke Savage 

Beekeeping Education, Consultation & Hive Management

Brooke Savage is a Certified Master Beekeeper. With over 15 years of experience and thousands of hours spent in hives, Brooke is in tune with the bees. Her expertise and enthusiasm has lead her to be one of the leading beekeepers in the region and she shares that knowledge with clients and her community. She works with customers to design apiaries and manage them, as well as educate on various beekeeping skills.